Neoseeker Books by title: V

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Title Author Genre Released Discuss
A Very Long Engagement Sebastien Japrisot Thriller 0000
A Very Private Gentleman Martin Booth Thriller 2005
The Vampire Armand Anne Rice Horror 2000
The Vampire Diaries: The Return: Vol. 3: Midnight L J Smith Teen 2011
The Vampire Lestat Anne Rice Horror 1986
The Vampire's Assistant Darren Shan Horror 0000
The Vanished Diamond Jules Verne Sci-Fi 2002
The Vanishing Tower Michael Moorcock Fantasy 1992
The Various Flavors of Coffee Anthony Capella Romance 2008
The Vile Village Lemony Snicket Fiction 2001
The Violet Keystone Garth Nix Fantasy 2001
The Visitor Sheri S. Tepper Sci-Fi 2003
The Vor Game Lois Mcmaster Bujold Sci-Fi 1990
Vamped David Sosnowski Fiction 2005
Vampire Hunter D Hideyuki Kikuchi Horror 2005 Forum
Vampire Hunter D Volume 11: Pale Fallen Angels parts 1 and 2 Hideyuki Kikuchi Horror 2008
Vampire Hunter D Volume 2: Raiser of Gales Hideyuki Kikuchi Horror 2005
Vampire Hunter D Volume 4: Tale Of The Dead Town Hideyuki Kikuchi Horror 2006
Vampire Hunter D Volume 5: The Stuff Of Dreams Hideyuki Kikuchi Horror 2006
Vampire Hunter D Volume 6: Pilgrimage of the Sacred and Profane Hideyuki Kikuchi Horror 2006
Vampire Hunter D Volume 9: The Rose Princess Hideyuki Kikuchi Horror 2007
Vampire Hunter D, Volume 3 : Demon Deathchase Hideyuki Kikuchi Horror 2006
Vampire Mountain Darren Shan Horror 0000
Vampires John Steakley Horror 1992
Vanishing Girl: His Third Case (Boy Sherlock Holmes, book 3) Shane Peacock Mystery 2009
Vendetta: Luckys Revenge Jackie Collins Fiction 1997
Villa D'Este Style Joseph Heller Fiction 2000
Violets are Blue James Patterson Thriller 2001
Virtual Light William Gibson Sci-Fi 1994
Virtual Vandals Tom Clancy Thriller 1999
Vision of the Future Timothy Zahn Sci-Fi 1999
Vixen 03 Clive Cussler Thriller 1984
Void Moon Michael Connelly Thriller 2001
Voluntary Madness Vicki Hendricks Mystery 2002