Neoseeker Books by title: K

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Title Author Genre Released Net Score User Score Discuss
A Killing Frost John Marsden Thriller 2006 Forum
A Knot in the Grain and Other Stories Robin McKinley Horror 1995 Forum
Kallocain Karin Boye Fiction 2002 Forum
Kant and the Platypus: Essays on Language and Cognition Umberto Eco Sci-Fi 2000 Forum
Karl Ludwig Sand, Urbain Grandier And Nisida Alexander Dumas History 1969 Forum
Keep the Aspidistra Flying George Orwell Fiction 1969 Forum
Keeper Greg Rucka Thriller 1997 Forum
Keys To The Kingdom, The #1 : Mister Monday Garth Nix Fantasy 2005 Forum
Keys To The Kingdom, The #3 : Drowned Wednesday Garth Nix Fantasy 2005 Forum
Keys To The Kingdom: Grim Tuesday Garth Nix Fantasy 2004 Forum
Keys to the Kingdom: Lady Friday Garth Nix Fantasy 2007 Forum
Keys to the Kingdom: Superior Saturday Garth Nix Fantasy 2008 Forum
Kidnapped Robert Louis Stevenson Classics & Literature 2002 Forum
Kill the Messenger Tami Hoag Thriller 2004 Forum
Killer Elite Sir Ranulph Fiennes Thriller 1993 Forum
Killer's Kiss R. L. Stine Horror 2005 Forum
Killing Floor Lee Child Thriller 1997 Forum
Kiln People David Brin Sci-Fi 2002 Forum
King and Emperor Harry Harrison Sci-Fi 1997 Forum
King of Murgos David Eddings Fantasy 1988 Forum
King Rat James Clavell Fiction 1962 Forum
King's Dragon Kate Elliott Fantasy 1998 Forum
Kipps, the Story of a Simple Soul H. G. Wells Fiction 1969 Forum
Kiss the Girls James Patterson Thriller 1995 Forum
Kisscut Karin Slaughter Thriller 2003 Forum
Knife of Dreams Robert Jordan Fantasy 0000 Forum
Knockdown Dick Francis Mystery 1993 Forum
Knots and Crosses Ian Rankin Thriller 1995 Forum
Komarr Lois Mcmaster Bujold Sci-Fi 1999 Forum
Kristen Lisi Harrison Teen 2008 Forum
Krondor the Assassins raymond feist Fantasy 2000 Forum
Krondor the Betrayal: Book One raymond feist Fantasy 1999 Forum
Krondor: Tear of the Gods raymond feist Fantasy 2002 Forum
The Key to Rondo Emily Rodda Fantasy 0000 Forum
The Kid Who Batted 1.000 Troon McAllister Sports 2002 Forum
The Kid Who Only Hit Homers Matt Christopher Fiction 1986 Forum
The Kill Artist Daniel Silva Thriller 1969 Forum
The Killer Inside Me Jim Thompson Classics & Literature 1989 Forum
The Killing of Worlds Scott Westerfeld Fantasy 2005 Forum
The Killing of Worlds : Book Two of Succession Scott Westerfeld Fantasy 2005 Forum
The Kills Linda Fairstein Thriller 2004 Forum
The King of Torts John Grisham Thriller 2003 Forum
The King's Buccaneer Raymond Feist Fantasy 1994 Forum
The Kingdom of God Is Within You Leo Tolstoy Fiction 1985 Forum
The Kite Runner Khaled Hosseini Fiction 2004 Forum
The Krytos Trap Michael A. Stackpole Sci-Fi 1996 Forum