===About the Book=== As the new millennium approaches, cults, sects, and crackpot prophets flood the worldwide media with warnings of catastrophe. But computer-virus hunter Michael Arcangelo has more mundane concerns: how to debug the highly sophisticated Goodknight system, a computer designed to play chess against the world's grandmasters. But soon Goodknight's virus appears in systems throughout the world, showing alarming signs of growth, intelligence, and self-awareness. Michael suspects it is the work of a mysterious programming genius Roger Dworkin, who designed it to create a computerized role-playing game so real it can kill. Michael and his team of techno-wizards must descent into Dworkin's twisted game, tracking him through a harrowing and convoluted world of reality and fantasy. Soon they realize that the game is out of hand, that the virus has taken over the Internet, harnessing its power and the millennial frenzy sweeping the world to bring everyone's worst fears to fruition.
Box shot of Wyrm [North America]
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