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Roleplaying game in the world of World Wrestling Entertainment. WWE: KNOW YOUR ROLE RPG is an OGL-based roleplaying game that thrusts you into the body-slamming, pile-driving, high-octane world of sports entertainment. You can take on the role of your favorite WWE Superstar or create your own Superstar and commence kicking butt on your quest for championship belts. Each session of KNOW YOUR ROLE represents a single televised event, such as SMACKDOWN! or RAW. During the courseof the show, virtually anything can happen - backstage sneak attacks, ringside brawls, and unexpected betrayals. All this (and more!) can be incorporated into your game session. KNOW YOUR ROLE is different from other, more traditional, role-playing games because it encourages you to play more than one character throughout the session. You'll be able to experience the game from various perspectives: create or play an arrogant rule breaker, a crowd-pleasing fan favorite and a manager or valet. Furthermore, KNOW YOUR ROLE can bep layed without a General Manager (i.e. Game Master). Great for those times when all you're looking for is a straight-out head-smashing match without involving role-playing. Finally, KNOW YOUR ROLE is versatile and easy to learn. You can quickly access your Supersta'rs move set or even create new moves on the spot without wasting a bunch of game time. KNOW YOUR ROLE is smash mouth role-playing at its best! - Amazon.com
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