: : : Vanishing Girl: His Third Case (Boy Sherlock Holmes, book 3)

Vanishing Girl: His Third Case (Boy Sherlock Holmes, book 3)

About this Book

The third case in the compelling Boy Sherlock Holmes series is full of as many twists and mysteriss as the backstreets of Victorian-era London.

When a wealthy young lass vanishes as if by magic in Hyde Park, Sherlock is once again driven to prove himself. In a heart-pounding race against time, an innocent boy's survival depends on Sherlock's ability to solve the mysterious puzzle of the Vanishing Girl. As complex as the maze that protects the hiding place of the missing girl, this case takes Sherlock from London to the countryside, the coast, and into the lair of a menagerie of exotic, dangerous creatures.

Hanuted by the memories of his shattered family, goaded by his enemies, driven to heal the fragile relationship between him and the beautiful Irene Doyle, Sherlock makes a near-fatal mistake. In the end, will his brilliant powers of deduction and the help of stedfast-yet eccentric-Sigerson Bell be enough to overcome a near-fatal error and save the day?

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