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Dr. Martin Harris awakens after a car accident in Berlin to find that his own wife doesn't recognize him, another man is living in his house having assumed his identity, and the neighbors think that he's a raving lunatic. To make matters worse, not a single person--family, colleague, doctor, or police officer--can vouch for him. Even worse than that, the impostor shares all of Martin's memories, experiences, and knowledge all the way down to the fine and last details. He appears to be a more convincing Martin than Martin himself. Is this a conspiracy? Amnesia? Has Martin become the victim of an elaborate hoax, or of his own paranoid delusions?

In this high-powered novel that is now a major motion picture, the award-winning author of One Way Didier van Cauwelaert explores the illusory nature of identity and the instability of the things that we take for granted. Stripped of his job, his family, his own name and his very past, Martin Harris is an Everyman caught in an absurd and yet disturbingly convincing nightmare. A nightmare that appears to have no exit and defies every explanation. One part moral fable, one part thriller Robert Ludlum-style, Unknown is a fast-paced tale of one man's desperate attempt to reclaim his existence regardless the cost--even if the cost is his own life.

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