: : : Under a War-Torn Sky

Under a War-Torn Sky

===About the Book=== Henry Forrester, 19, is in the U.S. Air Force when he is shot down over the Nazi controlled area of East France. Henry has to escape the terrors of the Nazis. At first, Henry meets a French school teacher tthat aides him through a part of his trek. he teacher puts a splint on Henry's broken leg, and tells him of barges that go to Neutral Switzerland. Henry hops on one of the barges but encounters a close call when he is almost discovered by a Nazi soldier. Next, Henry meets a group of French resistance forces that help him along even more. The soldiers take him to a small family living on a farm. Henry now has befriended a small boy that lives on a farm ownen by a family that helps downed pilots. Henry decides to barter with the boy, the boy teaches him French, and in exchange Henry teaches him English. A group of Nazi patrollers nearly discover a sub machine gun that the family owns. Henry now has no choice but to run away from the family that he has learned to love... Will Henry make it back to England, or will he become a P.O.W.?
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