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About the Book

I am the detective, the murderer, the victim and the witness all at once. But who am I?

A beach house on the French Riviera is gutted by fire. Inside are two girls - one rich, one poor. Only one survives, burned beyond recognition, her memory gone.

Plastic surgery gives her a pretty new face, but cannot restore her memory or her identity. Who is she? A killer or the intended victim? Is she the rich young woman destined to inherit a fortune, or the poor bank clerk pining for a life she would never be able to afford? And which, if any, of her friends know who she is? Are they the authors or the dupes of a demonic trick?

Originally published by Editions Denoel (Paris), under the title 'Piege pour Cendrillon' in 1962. English language version translated by Helen Weaver and published by The Harvill Press (London) in 1999.
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