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The Princess Diaries is the first of a series of novels (currently up to number 9) about a teenager, Mia Thermopolis who discovers she is the Princess of a small area called Genovia.
This first installment introduces readers to the vital characters, Mia an awkward but kind-hearted teenager and the protaganist of the story, Lilly , her crazy outgoing best friend, Josh the school heartthrob, Lana the school bully, Clarisse, Mias tough and scary grandmother and Micheal, Lilly's hot older brother as well as a cast of minor characters. This novel is about Mia first discovering the truth about her family, dealing with the information and the way it affects her life. By the end of the novel mia realises maybe being a princess isnt so bad....

The book, written in diary form, is a humorous piece about not only being a princess, but being a teenager. Theres all the regular issues in there, friendship problems, bullies at school, those hellish exams and of course, love interests.

The book is a comedic piece,aimed at teenagers, but written with no less skill and wit than any adult book.
There are currently 9 novles in the series, the 10th and final being written this year. Disney also capitalised on the sucsess of the book making 2 sucsessful movies 'The Princess Diaries' and 'The Princess Diaries 2- Royal Engagement'

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lol1000 and 1 others read The Princess Diaries
Dec 27, 09 8:51pm
Good, funny in some parts, dramatic. ThePrincessDiaries
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