: : : The Other Woman

About the Book

Ellie and Dan are living proof that opposites attract. She's impulsive; he follows all the rules. He loves sports; she's allergic to any form of exercise. Ellie doesn't have a mother. Dan does -- a very involved mother.

At first, Ellie is thrilled to be accepted into the loving Cooper clan and have Dan's mom, Linda, as her "adopted" mother. But then Ellie starts to wonder, how has the intimate civil ceremony she always dreamed of turned into a black-tie affair? And what can Dan and his mother possibly have to talk about on the phone twice a day?

Ellie's problems have just begun. When she discovers she's pregnant, she realizes that Linda has only been rehearsing for the real takeover. Linda seems to want to live her life through Ellie and, in the words of the immortal Princess Diana, there are three of them in the marriage.

When a crisis strains family bonds, Ellie turns to her friends -- glamorous Lisa, who always looks like she's just stepped off a runway, and wonderfully frazzled Trish -- and tries to rediscover the independence she once had and the man she still loves. But it seems that having a child and saving a marriage means growing up in ways she'd never imagined.
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