: : : The Most Amazing Man Who Ever Lived

The Most Amazing Man Who Ever Lived

===About the Book=== If your taste is for a tender romance, taut with passion and desire, love and betrayal, then this raging stonker of a novel, bursting out of its leather pants with sex, scandal, murder, mystery, suspense, drama, action, adventure and Mad Car Disease, probably won't be for you. Sorry. Norman's most definitely dead. His dad fell out of the sky and flattened him. And as Norman didn't want any regular full-time employment before he died, he certainly doesn't want any now. Especially not here at the Universal Reincarnation Company. There are far too many filing cabinets and far too much paperwork. Not that it's the company's fault. The blame really lies with God. If He hadn't decided to close down Hell, then Heaven wouldn't have got too overcrowded and there would have been no need to built the extension. And until the extension is finished, the URC will just have to keep on recycling all those souls in the big queue. But there's something very wrong at the URC. Someone, it seems, has learned how to beat the system. Someone is pre-incarnating. Being reborn again and again on their original birthdate. And just imagine if you could do that. You'd be The Most Amazing Man Who Ever Lived. Or you'd be the very Devil himself.
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