The Lord of the Rings Own / Want List

Username Comments
Master of the VG None
Aulis Vaara None
DarkLink None
gdog2011 None
Chiggins None
oOhennersOo Fuck Jesus, this is the greatest story ever told.
swk3000 None
hbn None
Vulgartheswift None
Dark Arcanine None
Terranigma Fan None
kokushishin None
Pearl_master1 None
Gandalf Stormcrow None
elurp None
Euphoric None
Noesis None
kittyclaws911 None
AR Code None
Jesus None
P1k_a R_aT3 None
Summer Breeze None
obseter26 I have the whole trilogy, I'm in the middle of the second book.
Melissa74 None
Dark_Star None
Morrigan None
DarkDragon None
Yukari None
Phenom None
VegetaDragon None
GamerGirly None
The Shadow AMAZING series. I loved them. I've read all of them 8 times now.
raul7_7 None
Havenssong None
dragonking01 None
Lordofthedead101 None
Team Hydro Aura None
Izzy_Doom None
GothmogIV None
dracarius01 None
Cirno None
Quel Apogee None
Armor_Ontos5 10 -- 10
chillax_7 None
mangamage None
Halo3master555 None
Aether7 None
TotodileKnight None
Ryan047 None
Brizzy None