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===About this Book=== ''The Hunger Games'' is about a world in the future very different from our own where barbarism turns into entertainment. Post-apocalyptic, it revolves around a country named Panem that rose up from the ashes of North America after it was destroyed by many natural disasters. Panem consists of a Capitol surrounded by 12 districts - there used to be a 13th. But one year the districts decided to rise up against the Capitol and rebel. The districts were defeated, however, and the 13th was eliminated permanently. A Treaty of Treason was created, and in it required that each year, each of the 12 remaining districts would have to provide tribute in the form of a teenage boy and girl. The chosen 24 tributes would have to take part in the Hunger Games - a literal fight to the death on live TV broadcasted all across the entire country of Panem. The tributes are thrown into an arena that can be anything from a desert to a frozen wasteland, and they must learn not only to survive in harsh circumstances, but to kill one another. The last kid standing wins fame, fortune and a year's worth supply of food for their district. Katniss Everdeen loves her sister with all of her heart, and for years has been hunting illegally beyond the city gate to feed her and her sister and mother; ever since her father died, they've been battling poverty and starvation. On the day of the next Reaping, where names are chosen from a big bowl filled with slips of paper for the next Games, Katniss's little 12-year-old sister is chosen. In a desperate attempt to spare her, Katniss steps up to volunteer in her place; the boy that she has to compete against is the same boy that once saved her life, whom she refers to as "the bread boy" and has secretly had a crush on her for as long as he can remember. What happens from that day on changes her life for both the better and the worst. ''The Hunger Games'' is a story of struggle, survival, romance, and unconditional love. While reading, you'll feel the adrenaline rush experienced by Katniss, the fear, the hatred of the Capitol and their unjust laws, the conscience and morals of a human being having to be overlooked, and the emotions evoked when you realize how valuable every person's soul is and that despite that, by force, your life depends soley on the murder of another young person's life.

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Jul 05, 12 10:32pm
The book was awesome, can't say the same for the movie TheHungerGames
Lone Lab
Dec 22, 11 9:41am
I think this is just all about the hype. TheHungerGames
Lone Lab
Dec 21, 11 5:23pm
This book was okay... it's all about the hype though! TheHungerGames
Dec 21, 11 10:49am
This book was good... but I've abandoned the series... it's all hype. TheHungerGames
Nov 28, 10 4:26pm
Best Book Ever! TheHungerGames
Feb 10, 10 8:52am
Most amazing book in the world TheHungerGames
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