: : : The Halfling's Gem

The Halfling's Gem

===About the Book=== Assassin Artemis Entreri whisks his kidnipped victim, Regis the halfling, south to Claimport and into Pasha Pooks's vengeful hands. If Pook can control the magical panther Guenhwyvar, Regis will die in a real game of cat and mouse. Using an enchanted mask, dark elf Drizzt Do'Urden hides his heritage and races with the barbarian Wulfgar to save their light-fingered friend. An unexpected ally arrives just as Entreri springs a trap. But can Regis survive unscathed? The companions from Icewind Dale battle pirates on the famed Sword Coast, brave the deserts of Calimshan, and fight monsters from other planes to rescue their friend...and themselves.
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