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Mario Puzo creates a novel that shows New York run by the most powerful man who ever walked the streets of the Cosa Nostra. Don Vito Corleone, the Godfather of all Godfathers, the dons of all dons, runs the mafia in New York with his family, Michael, Fredo & Sonny Corleone. He runs the tables in New York, making deals in the corrupt city of New York 1945-1955. The family Corleone go through the chronicles that change their destiny.
awsome fun and a great tribute to the movie TheGodfather PC
What can I say? AWESOME! TheGodfather
FINISHED STORY! Game not working now TheGodfather PC
They made me an offer I couldn't refuse. TheGodfather
I like this game it makes you feel like your in the movie it self TheGodfather
I have taken over the -BARZINI,TATAGLIA,STRACCI AND CUNEO compounds! NOW I've become Don, and now I am trying to become The Don OF NYC!! TheGodfather PC
A very enjoyable action-packed game, true to the movie. Can be quite difficult at times. TheGodfather
Coppola Restoration Box Set TheGodfather
awesome game, GTA but funner(if thats a word) TheGodfather
Great resemblence of the movie! TheGodfather
DuelBlader111 owns The Godfather
A movie license that tries to stray from the pack, but the lack of proper free roam and heavily sticking to the movie script causes it... TheGodfather
A port from PS2 with more limitations. Would not recommend. TheGodfather
Limited edition game(metal case) TheGodfather
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