: : : The Erciyes Fragments

The Erciyes Fragments

===About the Book=== Fra Niccolo Giovanni of Venice is a humble monk who has the rare good fortune to stumble across a map detailing the whereabouts of a fragment of the Book of Nod - a fragment supposedly more ancient than any yet seen. But in a secluded monastery, Niccolo finds far more than he had bargained for: manuscripts that may well have been penned by Caine himself. The Erciyes Fragments is a book of Noddist prophecy - and more. It contains the Book of Nod in what may well be Caine's original version, plus commentary from vampiric scholars throughout the ages. But beware, for what isn't said within these pages is just as terrifying as what is.
Box shot of The Erciyes Fragments [North America]
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