: : : The Elf Queen of Shannara

About the Book

Who was she?

Wren had always known that she was part Rober and part a descendant of the long-ago Shea Ohmsford. Her earliest memories were of playing with the Ohmsford children until she was five, when she was given to Garth, the deaf and dumb Rover who had taught her all the skills of the Rover life.

Now even that was stripped from her. Garth had finally admitted that both her parents had been Elves. He could -- or would -- tell her no more.

But the Elves had been gone from the Four Lands for more than a hundred years, and it seemed impossible to her that they could have survived the demons on Morrowindl for so long.

Could she be the last of the Elves -- the only true Elf?
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