: : : The Conspiracy Club

The Conspiracy Club

===About the Book=== Dedidated young psychologist Dr Jeremy Carrier is unschooled in the ways of violent and incalculable evil - until the kidnap and brutal murder of his girlfriend Joceyln Banks. As more murders of the same grueseome fashion occur, the police suspicion surrounding Jeremy intensifies and the only way for him to prove his innocence is to follow the trail of a cunning psychopath. Spurring on Jeremy's investigation is Dr Arthur Chess, a pathologist who draws Jeremy into the confidence of a cryptic society. But when Arthur suddenly slips away, Jeremy is left to contend with an onslaught of anonymous clues - and the growing realisation that a harrowing game of cat and mouse has been set in motion. Who besides Jeremy is playing? And who makes the rules? Jeremy's search for answers seems only to yield more questions. And as the game intensifies, he must decide whether a secret ally is guiding him on the right path...or a sadistic enemey is setting him up for a fate far beyond even the most twisted imagination.
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