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About the Book

It's first semester senior year, and Flannery Culp needs her friends more than ever. Her homeroom teacher is a tyrant, her biology teacher is a pervert, and in a few months the Winnie Moprah Show will broadcast vicious lies calling her a Satanic murderer when they really mean murderess. Flan needs Kate, even though she gossips incessantly. She needs Gabriel, even though he has a scarcely requited crush on her. She needs V_____, whose name has been changed to protect her wealthy family. She needs Douglas, who can get absinthe. She needs Lily, she needs Jennifer Rose Milton, but most of all she needs Natasha — beautiful, brave Natasha — who is turning her calculus teacher's advice — do something — into a formula for panache. Flannery needs all of the Basic Eight, because high school can get so stressful, you just want to kill someone.

Daniel Handler is also the author of a Series of Unfortunate Events, under the pseudonym Lemony Snicket.
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