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===About the Book=== The sinking of a cargo ship and the slaughter of it's crew seemed a senseless act of violence. But Clea Rice knows the truth and is determined to expose the culprits. When Jordan Tavistock is asked to steal the indiscreet letters of a friend, he reluctantly obliges, only to be caught red handed - by another burglar. The burglar is Clea, who is looking for something else entirely. As Jordan finds himself caught up in a web of mystery and intrigue, he wonders how he can trust Clea when she will not tell him who she is working for, or even what her real name is. Only together can they find the answers to the sinister questions surrounding the sinking of the ship. Answers that some are prepared to kill for.
Jun 18, 07 8:38pm
Fantastic Game Stolen
Mar 29, 06 5:46am
A great game, but far too short Stolen
Box shot of Stolen [Europe]
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