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"The Sith always betray one another......I'm sure you'll learn that soon enough."

The overthrow of the Republic is complete. The Separatist forces have been smashed, the Jedi Council nearly decimated, and the rest of the Order all but destroyed. Now absolute power rests in the iron fist of Darth Sidious–the cunning Sith lord better known as the former Senator, now Emperor, Palpatine. But more remains to be done. Pockets of resistance in the galaxy must still be defeated and missing Jedi accounted for......and dealt with. These crucial tasks fall to the Emperor’s ruthless enforcer, Darth Vader. In turn, the Dark Lord has groomed a lethal apprentice entrusted with a top-secret mission: to comb the galaxy and dispatch the last of his masters’ enemies, thereby punctuating the dark side’s victory with the Jedi’s doom.

Since childhood, Vader’s nameless agent has known only the cold, mercenary creed of the Sith. His past is a void; his present, the carrying out of his deadly orders. But his future beckons like a glistening black jewel with the ultimate promise: to stand beside the only father he has ever known, with the galaxy at their feet. It is a destiny he can realize only by rising to the greatest challenge of his discipleship: destroying Emperor Palpatine.

The apprentice’s journeys will take him across the far reaches of the galaxy, from the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk to the junkyard planet of Raxus Prime. On these missions, the young Sith acolyte will forge an unlikely alliance with a ruined Jedi Master seeking redemption and wrestle with forbidden feelings for his beautiful comrade, Juno Eclipse. And he will be tested as never before–by shattering revelations that strike at the very heart of all he believes and stir within him long-forgotten hopes of reclaiming his name......and changing his destiny.

Based on the popular Lucas Arts video game of the same name, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed unveils the curtain of the "Dark Times" between Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith and Episode 4: A New Hope.

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a very great starwars spin off game StarWarsTheForceUnleashed X360
This is a very fun game, but I do wish that the checkpoints would be more frequent. StarWarsTheForceUnleashed X360
A mediocre game that is totally carried by its story- 7/10 StarWarsTheForceUnleashed X360
cant wait till they make the second one StarWarsTheForceUnleashed
the best star wars game since KOTOR 9/10 StarWarsTheForceUnleashed
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  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Theme(s): Sci-Fi (Futuristic)
  • Author: Sean Williams
  • Publisher: Lucas Books
  • ISBN: 0345499026
  • Hardcover Release
    North AmericaAug 19, 2008
    EuropeAug 22, 2008
    AustraliaSep 1, 2008
  • Papercover Release
    North AmericaAug 25, 2009
    EuropeJul 24, 2009
    AustraliaJul 24, 2009
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