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Star Wars: Survivor's Quest

===About the Book=== Over fifty years ago Grand Admiral Thrawn destroyed the Outbound Flight containing some Jedi. Now on the planet Nirauan, aliens have found the remains of the Outbound Flight. They want to hand over their find to the New Republic. Knowing the diplomatic value of accepting this "gift" and the internal appreciation of leaving no one behind, leaders of the New Republic send the Skywalkers to Niraua, graveyard to over fifty-thousand. Master Jedi Luke Skywalker and Jedi Knight wife Mara Jade discuss technology on the journey as the duo still struggle to adjust to married life with missions seemingly always happening. However, others want to reach the colossal remains before the Skywalkers get there. Some are enemy survivors of the post-Palpatine Empire while others are New Republic "allies" with their own agenda. Though the simple trip turns dangerous as foes seek the annihilation of the Skywalkers and the destruction of their allies, the biggest mystery resides inside the massive hulk.
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