: : : Star Trek: Vulcan's Glory

Star Trek: Vulcan's Glory

===About this Book=== Several years before he came to be known as the best first officer in all of Starfleet, Spock was a young ensign that was conflicted, serving on the ''Starship Enterprise'' under Captain Christopher Pike. In a personal struggle to reconcile his multiple obligations, from those forced upon him by his Vulcan heritage to those chosen by him upon enrolling in Starfleet Academy, Spock must also balance a third responsibility: the desires of his own heart. All three conflicting demands intersect during a mission to retrieve one of the most sacred artifacts of his world, a relic of the ancient past of Vulcan. The search for this relic will reveal dangerous, dark, and deadly secrets, altering the course of Spock's life forever and defining the man that he became.
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