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Soul of the Fire

===About the Book=== ''Soul of the Fire'' is the fifth book in Terry Goodkind's wildly popular Sword of Truth saga. The previous books are: ''Wizard's First Rule'', ''Stone of Tears'', ''Blood of the Fold'', and ''Temple of the Winds''. When last we saw our heroes--Richard Cypher (Lord Rahl) and Kahlan Amnell--they each had made enormous sacrifices to save one another from certain doom. To save her beloved, Khalan, Mother Confessor of the Midlands, had spoken the three chimes, summoning these chaotic beings from the world beyond and unwittingly releasing incredibly destructive power. Now the chimes are stealing souls, and malevolent forces are reshaping the world itself. To save everything from almost certain doom, Richard, Kahlan, and the wizard Zedd must hunt the elusive chimes and reharness them before it's too late. Although comparisons to Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series are inevitable, there's obviously enough room in the world for more than one blockbuster swords and sorcery series. With ''Soul of the Fire'', fans of epic sagas will get their fill of adventure, magic, strange beings, and struggles for power as Goodkind delivers another thrilling episode of the Sword of Truth, with all the complexity and taut characterization we've come to expect from this master of fantasy. ''--Adam Fisher''
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  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Terry Goodkind
  • Publisher:
  • ISBN: 0812551494
  • Hardcover Release
    North AmericaMar 15, 2000
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