: : : Silverwing
===About the Book=== Many years ago there was a war between the birds and the beasts. During the signing of the treaty the bats were punished for not taking any sides. Their punishment would be their loss of the right to be outside during the day without suffering dire consequences. Many years later Shade Silverwing took a glimpse of the sun and was suddenly attacked by an owl. He was chased all the way back to his home Tree Haven. When the elders of the colony would refuse to give Shade over to the owls for his death they took immediate action and burned down Tree Haven. Because of these events the colony had to start their migration early. On the first night of migration there was a terrible storm which seperated Shade from his colony. Shade and his colony became wanted and would be killed or imprisioned on sight. To add to his trouble many meat eaters and cannibal bats are after him and his colony. It's up to Shade to learn the skills needed to help and protect him and his colony from any danger and make sure they reach their migration spot with safety.
Box shot of Silverwing [North America]
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