: : : Rough Country (Virgil Flowers, Book 3)

Rough Country (Virgil Flowers, Book 3)

===About this Book=== Virgil has always been known for having a somewhat active...social life, but there probably won't be too many opportunities for that during his new case. While competing in a fishing tournament in a remote part of northern Minnesota, he gets a call from his boss Lucas Davenport. The assignment this time: investigating a homicide at a nearby resort, where a woman was shot while kayaking. The resort is exclusive to women, as it is a place to relax, get fit, recover from plastic surgery, commune with nature, and while it wasn't a place for those with Sapphic inclinations initially, that's pretty much what it is in the modern day. This makes things all the more complicated for Virgil. As his investigation gets underway, he finds a tangled web of connections between the people at the resort, the victim, and some local ladies, notably a talented country singer. The more dirt he digs up, the more he discovers that the arrows of suspicion point in several directions, encompassing many different motives: jealousy, blackmail, greed, anger, fear. Then he discovers that this was NOT the first homicide--there was a second one that was seemingly unrelated the year before. And there's about to be a third one that's definitely related at any point in time. And as for the fourth......well, Virgil best hope he can apprehend the killer before that happens because the fourth victim could be him. Rich with the brilliant plotting and compulsively readable prose that are his hallmarks, ''Rough Country'' is another immensely satisfying tale by one of the best suspense writers today.
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