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Resident Evil: Umbrella Conspiracy

===About the Book=== S.D. Perry's first Resident Evil novel is a straight forward adaptation of the first game, perhaps a bit too straight forward. The characters run through all the game's famous spooky and gruesome obstacles, but it lacks a certain dramatic punch. Too often Perry opts to simply describe a brief run in with each of the game's threats and/or puzzles and then just rush on to the next one without any attempt at exploiting it for optimum suspense with a more drawn out battle and/or mental legwork. Despite that sometimes irritating weakness, the book, like the game, is just too much fun of a ride to not recommend. In the book's favor, Perry sketches in details and background that fleshes out the setting and characters quite nicely, leaving this reader hungry for more. Good thing it's become a series, the book is as addictive as the game, I couldn't put it down. Required reading for all Resident Evil fans.
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