: : : Pressure Play
===About the Book=== Travis, the new kid in town, is wondering if he's liked or appreciated for anything besides his baseball abilities. His on-field focus is further diluted by his concerns about a homemade-video contest he is preparing to enter and anonymous phone calls he's receiving. These calls are telling him to get his act together on the ball diamond, or else! All of this is taking place during the youth championship play-offs where the award for the winners is a free trip to see the Major League World Series. Typical of Christopher's writing, the game action is the centerpiece of the book. His depiction of the five-game play-off is interspersed with Travis's efforts to determine who's placing the harassing calls and his attempts to piece together his video. The bit-too-neat ending finds the boy and his team successful on the field, the phone culprit revealed as a well-meaning acquaintance, and Travis beginning to feel accepted by his teammates off the field as well as on.
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