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Percy Jackson And The Olympians is a series about a boy named Percy who is a son of a god and has dyslexia. He is one day found eavesdropping on a conversation and then all of a sudden, he finds out the truth and is off to half blood camp! This forum is about the 5 books of Percy Jackson. So find out what Percy, Luke, Annabeth, and Grover do on their adventures! What god is Percy the son of? What about Annabeth? Read and find out!
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Triforce of Wisdom
Feb 16, 10 1:35pm
Brilliant, but the movie was slaughter. PercyJacksonandTheOlympians
Miltons Girl
Dec 15, 09 10:22am
good lol PercyJacksonandTheOlympians
Jun 06, 09 2:29pm
FAVORITE RIGHT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O YA!!!!!!!! PercyJacksonandTheOlympians
Jun 03, 09 7:28pm
Ive read all the books great series learned a lot about greek stuff. PercyJacksonandTheOlympians
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