: : : Orion Arm : The Rampart Worlds: Book 2

Orion Arm : The Rampart Worlds: Book 2

===About the Book=== Julian May's Rampart Worlds space-opera romps began with ''Perseus Spur''; ''Orion Arm'' is volume 2. Asahel "Helly" Frost, disgraced scion of the mighty Rampart interstellar family company, again finds himself working for them as a wisecracking, spacefaring version of James Bond against the evil Galapharma corporation. Galapharma is selling priceless human know-how and DNA to the alien Haluk--cunning devils who've developed a "demiclone" process for changing reptilian Haluks into human form and vice versa. The slam-bang action moves through various cinematic set pieces: assignations in genetically enhanced brothels so lewd than even very bad men puke at the attractions offered; Frost betrayed and, instead of killed outright, left in a deathtrap with one slim chance of escape; a high-tech strike against a secret Haluk base closely resembling the one in ''Perseus Spur''; much blood and mayhem thanks to Galapharma traitors planted deep within the Rampart company and Frost's own family; murderous last-minute reversals at the crucial board meeting; and the final shoot out and offing of the arch-villain in a way that might just allow his return for book 3. ''Orion Arm'' offers colorful, tongue-in-cheek violence and drama which pulls you along but refuses to be taken seriously. ''--David Langford, Amazon.co.uk''
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  • Genre: Sci-Fi
  • Author: Julian May
  • Publisher:
  • ISBN: 0345395190
  • Hardcover Release
    North AmericaApr 4, 2000
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