: : : Nancy Drew #9: The Sign of the Twisted Candles

Nancy Drew #9: The Sign of the Twisted Candles

===About the Book=== The story begins with Nancy's soon-to-retire mail carrier stopping by her home for a moment, only to have his mail bag stolen from the Drew's front porch. Nancy sets out to vindicate the kindly man of wrong doing, while at the same time discovering that a Nancy Smith Drew is being sought by solicitors in England--as she is an heiress. The postman's evil younger stepbrother becomes a suspect, and Nancy tries to track the rascal down. On the way, she gets invited to a football weekend at Emerson College by new friend Ned Nickerson, and finds that the elusive heiress is an instructor there--soon to leave as she is marrying. Nancy spots the villain at the game, endures accidental imprisonment during a school dance, gets stranded in Emerson an additional day by unexpected snow, then manages to track down the villain, who has also been running an illegal "lonely hearts" mail fraud scheme, and manages to prevent Nancy S. Drew from making a terrible mistake.
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