: : : Nancy Drew #7: The Clue in the Diary

About the Book

The Clue in the Diary introduces Ned Nickerson, an admirer of Nancy for life. Nancy and her friends Bess and George, on the way home from a carnival, discuss a struggling Swedish immigrant, Mrs. Swenson, and her daughter. The girls helped the underprivileged duo to better enjoy the attractions (paid for things).

As they are driving, a luxurious roadside estate bursts into flames. The girls park the car and make sure that no one is trapped inside. In doing so, Nancy sees someone fleeing the property, and discovers an anonymous Swedish diary on the ground. She picks up this clue, and as firefighters and viewers arrive on the scene, notes an attractive young man moving her car away from the flying embers. At first suspicious, Nancy warms to him when he helps her out of a jam. Meanwhile, Mrs. Swenson's husband is missing, and she identifies that his diary is the one picked up at the fire. To top it all off, the owner of the burned house, Felix Raybolt is missing, and his wife claims Joe Swenson has murdered her husband. Raybolt, it turns out, swindles creative inventors like Swenson out of patents and copyrights on their inventions and used an invention to start the fire.
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