: : : Nancy Drew #50: The Double Jinx Mystery

Nancy Drew #50: The Double Jinx Mystery

===About the Book=== A bird of ill omen is mysteriously left on the Drew's front lawn. Did the person who put it there do do with the intent of jinxing Nancy and her father? This strange incident involves Nancy in her famous lawyer-father's case concerning a rare bird farm threatened with destruction to make room for a high-rise apartment house complex. Persons opposed to the ruthless take-over of the farm are being made the frightened victims on jinxing by bad luck symbols and other threats to their safety. Even Nancy and her friend Ned Nickerson become targets! Nancy soon realizes that helping honest people to overcome their superstitions and fear can be as challenging as tracking down down criminals. The young detective's thrilling adventures will keep the reader in breathless suspense from the first page to last.
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