: : : Nancy Drew #4 The Mystery at Lilac Inn

About the Book

Nancy Drew helping friend Emily Crandall find out who stole her jewels. Emily's guardian aunt unwisely removes them from a safe deposit box, and carries them with her while lunching at Lilac Inn, only to have her handbag stolen while the diners are distracted by actions outside the windows. In the meantime, Nancy must hire a temporary maid in the absence of Mrs. Gruen, her housekeeper. Nancy uncovers the thief, who was one of the applicants for maid, Mary Mason. She then tracks Mary Mason to a gang involving her brother Bud, and some other thug, who are all common thieves. Nancy is bound and left aboard their sinking cabin cruiser to die, but is rescued by the river patrol. In the end, Nancy captures the female thief, exonerating the guardian, and bringing wealth to her orphaned friend.
Box shot of Nancy Drew #4 The Mystery at Lilac Inn [North America]
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