: : : Nancy Drew #45: The Spider Sapphire Mystery

Nancy Drew #45: The Spider Sapphire Mystery

===About the Book=== Thrilling, dangerous adventures confront Nancy Drew while on a safari in East Africa with a group of American college students. Excitement runs high as the teen-age detective delves into the theft of a fabulous sapphire formed by nature million years ago. The mystery starts in Nancy's home town. Her lawyer father's client, Floyd Ramsey, who fashions beautiful and unusual synthetic gems, is accused of stealing the magnificent spider sapphire and exhibiting it as his own creation. Mr. Ramsey's enemies blackmail him and by their vicious acts try to deter Nancy from going on the safari. How the daring young sleuth uncovers a nefarious scheme and also solves the strange disappearance of an injured jungle guide from first page to last.
Box shot of Nancy Drew #45: The Spider Sapphire Mystery [North America]
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