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Nancy Drew 3: The Bungalow Mystery

===About the Book=== Nancy Drew and her friend Helen Corning are rescued from a boat wreck by Laura Pendleton, during a severe storm. The girls from River Heights quickly befriend the orphaned Laura, who has come to the area to meet her new guardian, Jacob Aborn. The new guardian proves to be unfriendly, and low-brow, very strange considering that Mrs. Pendleton was wealthy and sophisticated. The once-wealthy Laura is informed she is now poor, and has no money left. Aborn takes her to his bungalow on the lake. Nancy is startled to hear from Laura shortly after returning home---Aborn is evil, and life is intolerable. Laura flees and seeks asylum in the Drew residence. Nancy, in the meantime, drives out to the lake, and sneaks into the house, where she sees Aborn removing securities. She trails him to an abandoned bungalow in the woods, which had roused her curiosity on an earlier visit. There, she sneaks in, and finds a man who looks just like Aborn chained up in the basement--a prisoner. The criminal Stumpy Dowd, a look-alike, has taken Aborn's place to defraud Laura. Too late, Nancy whirls to face Dowd, who knocks her out! Dowd is poor at binding the girl, who quickly escapes, and drives to a lakefront hotel. She calls authorities and her father, who quickly arrive to help investigate. Dowd is pursued, and crashes his auto. Nancy investigates the burning car in time to pull free suitcases containing Laura's stocks and bonds---she is still wealthy! This volume contains only one main plot, with no subplot mystery to investigate, and as such, is unique in the original versions of Nancy Drew mysteries, which usually contain at least one subplot or secondary mystery, and a subplot involving a personal matter for Nancy or one of her friends.
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