: : : Nancy Drew 30: The Clue of the Velvet Mask (Nancy Drew)

About the Book

A masquerade is the first incident related, where Nancy and friends try to thwart suspicious, masked party-goers from reaching valuable objets d'art on display. At the party, Nancy finds an odd, black, velvet hood, which she retains as a clue. Nancy's acquaintance, Linda, who is an employee of the company, is suspected of wrongdoing. At subsequent Lightner events, Nancy encounters other thieves, and is nearly suffocated by an evil pair of crooks. Nancy and George rent wigs to switch identities; however, George is kidnapped, her disguise removed, put under the influence of hypnotic, mind-altering drugs, and threatened.

Nancy focuses on the executive assistant at Lightner's, Mr. Tombar, while attempting to decode mysterious numbers found in the lining of the mask. Finally, she realizes that the numbers actually mark dates of events that were the scenes of robberies. She and Bess investigate the ramschackle Blue Iris Inn in the nearby countryside, and fall victim to the evil Velvet gang. Only paranoid George knows where they are, and can identify the clothing last worn by Nancy. Will she be able to overcome her fears and help her friends?
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