: : : Nancy Drew #27: The Secret of the Wooden Lady

About the Book

Adventure abounds on the Bonny Scot in Boston Harbor as Nancy Drew helps Captain Easterly uncover the mystery of his ghostly visitors. From the moment the clever young detective and her friends, Bess, George, Burt, Dave and boyfriend Ned, take up residence on the old clipper ship they are confronted with fire, theft and other dangerous situations.

Nancy faces an additional challenge: to find a clue to the clipper's missing figurehead. If she is successful, it will help her lawyer father, Carson Drew, to trace the history of the Bonny Scot and establish a clear title to the ship for Captain Easterly. But strangely there are no records of the Bonny Scot's past. Why? And why has the prime suspect in the recent robbery at Bess Marvin's home followed them to Boston?
Box shot of Nancy Drew #27: The Secret of the Wooden Lady [North America]
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