: : : Nancy Drew #24: The Clue in the Old Album

About the Book

Nancy Drew witnesses a purse snatching and runs after the thief. She rescues the purse, but not its contents, then is asked by the owner, a doll collector, to do some detective work.

"The source of light will heal all ills, but a curse will follow him who takes it from the gypsies"

This is one of the clues Nancy is given to find an old album, a lost doll, and a missing gypsy violinist. The young sleuth never gives up her search, though she is poisoned by a French-swordsman doll, run off the road in her car by an enemy, and sent many warnings to give up the case.

Fans will enjoy Nancy's clever ways of finding all she seeks and bringing happiness to a misunderstood child and her lonely grandmother.
Box shot of Nancy Drew #24: The Clue in the Old Album [North America]
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