: : : Nancy Drew #1: The Secret of the Old Clock

About the Book

Nancy is a 16 year-old high school graduate, who desires to help the poor, struggling relatives of Josiah Crowley, recently deceased. She is spurred on by her dislike for his "heirs," snobbish, wealthy rivals in the community. Traveling through the rural area in her blue roadster, Nancy investigates by interviewing various relatives and friends of Crowley, and has a run-in with thieves in trying to recover Crowley's mantle clock, in which the clue to the whereabouts his last will are hidden, including an exciting car chase involving guns and police. Along the way, Nancy is briefly aided by Helen Corning, a chum, and encounters girls her own age, the Horners, who stand to inherit by the discovery of the later will. Many of the meetings are accidental.
Box shot of Nancy Drew #1: The Secret of the Old Clock [North America]
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