: : : Nancy Drew 16: The Clue of the Tapping Heels (Nancy Drew)

About the Book

Nancy, Bess, and George, have become tap dance enthusiasts. Nancy meets an eccentric retired actress, Mrs. Purday, who owns a large amount of cats. Nancy attempts to solve a strange tapping sound at the woman's house. Mrs. Purdy's finances are in poor condition, due mostly to the manipulations of a crook. Meanwhile, she seeks to restore a former suitor of Mrs. Purdy to favor. The story outline was completed by Edna Stratemeyer Squire, and was written by Mildred Wirt Benson, the series' primary ghostwriter. Mrs. Squire is noted to have unusual tastes in plot devices, and this is evident in the unusual action, chapter climaxes, incidents, and events in this book.

In a controversial turn, Nancy and George are drugged by inhalants at a downtown restaurant. In the climax, Nancy is captured, and left bound inside the cabin of a large boat. She taps morse code with her high-heeled oxfords to seek aid, before revealing the mystery's solution.
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