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===About this Book=== Magyk is the first book in the Septimus Heap series. One cold winter night, a seventh son of a seventh son was born... and then declared dead by the midwife. That same night, the queen was murdered, and the baby princess diseappeared. Silas, the seventh son's father, goes walking out in the snow to gather his thoughts and to get away... when he comes across a baby wrapped in a blanket lying in the snow. He picks her up, takes her to his house, and the Heaps decide to name her Jenna and raise her as their own. Ten years later, the head wizard of the village shows up and says that Jenna must go into hiding... it's important, because it turns out Jenna was actually the baby princess that vanished ten years ago; somebody has figured out who she is, and in an attempt to claim the throne, they hired an assassin to kill Jenna. That night, everything changes. What really happened that night ten years ago, is their seventh son Septimus really dead? And if not, what really happened to Septimus Heap?
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