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"The main purpose of this work is to bring confirmation and proof that life continues after physical death; that life is ongoing and extremely productive in both worlds although they are so paradoxically different

... if this book even starts you thinking, then I have done my part towards your spiritual growth."

-Professor Ian Currie

"Life in the Spirit World is wonderful. It is an inspiring contribution to contemporary studies in the realm of spirit. Those who believe in life after death will find their belief greatly enhanced."

-Ruth Mattson Taylor, M.S.
Academy Member - Academy of Religious and Psychical Research, Author and Lecturer

"Valid mediums have been around us for thousands of years. The problem is that no-one has yet come up with a procedure to separate valid from invalid mediums. In my 69 years, I have seen several invalid ones, and also a few valid ones - most notably Muriel Williams of Toronto, Canada. Muriel is for real. I have checked her out. But such communications still remain impossible for 99.9% of the world's people."

-M. Dale Palmer
Neotics Institute Inc., Plainfield, Indiana

"This fascinating record of lively communications from a departed soul is a must read for those interested in spirit communications in general and Ian Currie in particular. A particularly original, and I believe, unique contribution is Bill Williams' presentation of the material supporting survival of death in terms of making a case before a judge in a courtroom. I believe that putting forward the evidence in this fashion, as opposed to stating it in the form of a scientific proof, is most effective and in line with the way we naturally tend to make all the important judgements of our lives."

-Adam Crabtree, Ph.D.

"It is extraordinarily thorough in its detail, and offers an informed explanation of the reality and mechanics of communication between our physical world and the world of Spirit. This book should be read by all serious students of Spiritual Science and Psychic Research."

-Robin P Foy, Ph.D.

Communicated to Medium
Muriel Williams.

By the late Professor
Ian Currie

Research and Narration
Bill Williams, Ph.D.

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  • Genre: Religion
  • Author: Ian Currie
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  • ISBN: 1-55369-098-2
  • Papercover Release
    North AmericaAugust 2006
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