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King Rat

King Rat is the story of men pushed to survive by any means neccesarry in a Singapore POW camp during the last days of World War II. The story mainly follows Peter Marlowe, as he starts working for the charasmatic and well off figure, the American known only as The King. The King runs the black market of the camp, and as such frequently deals with the very japanese men who are responible for his containment. Marlowe soon finds himself questioning everything he was taught to believe in as an upper class Britain as the Kings ideals and reasoning start to make more and more sense to him. As the noose seems to tighten around the camp, the King is planning his greatest deal to date.
Solid Snake 4Life
Apr 20, 12 12:56am

When a man is no longer treated like a man but rather like an animal, is that what he...

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