: : : Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Sphinx

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Indiana Jones, an archeology professor at the London University, has a fascination for ancient artifacts and finding them. In this heart-thumping page-turner Indy finds himself plunging into another dangerous adventure. Jones, a magician, and her assistant join Jones after certain circumstances. The team begins to look for the all-powerful Omega book. The book can control his fate and the fate of the entire world! Unfortunately, on their tail is a vengeance-crazed Japanese spymaster. Though, they aren't the only things in their path to the Omega book. Lepers, hurricanes, the Yezidi people, and the crazy Japanese will or will not stop the fearsome trio. Will the Japanese get him first or will Indy and his companions stop the Omega book from fall into the wrong hands?
Box shot of Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Sphinx [North America]
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