: : : Hell's Corner (Camel Club, book 5)

Hell's Corner (Camel Club, book 5)

===About this Book=== On the night of the State Dinner honouring the British Prime Minister, the Prime Minister's motorcade is about to leave the White House when Oliver Stone witnesses the horror of what happens next: A bomb was detonated in what appears to be a terrorist plot directed at the President and the Prime Minister. The fallout of the explosion results in the dispatching of British MI-5 agent Mary Chapman--an experienced, lethal operative with her own agenda--to assist and coordinate the investigation alongside American authorities. Stone, along with Harry Finn, Alex Ford, and the rest of the Camel Club, are also drawn into the investigation. But appearances could be deceiving, as what happened in the park may not have been the actual plan. It seems the mysterious attackers had another target in their crosshairs, and it's up to the Camel Club to stop them, or face catastrophic results.
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