: : : Hardy Boys 26: The Phantom Freighter

Hardy Boys 26: The Phantom Freighter

===About the Book=== When eccentric Thaddeus McClintock invites Frank and Joe Hardy to accompany him on a sea voyage, the teenage investigators become entangled in a web of mystery. Who is trying to block the three from securing reservations on freighter ships that carry passengers? Does Mr. McClintock have unknown enemies? Or is there a sinister conspiracy afoot to keep Frank and Joe from going on the trip? Is Captain Harkness's report about sighting a phantom firefighter just a figment of his imagination? The determined efforts of Frank and Joe to find the answers lead to a hazardous game of wits with a ring of slippery smugglers and a dramatic confrontation on the high seas. At the same time, the boys help their famous detective father solve his current case involving forgers who are selling counterfeit historical documents.
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