: : : Hardy Boys 15: The Sinister Signpost

Hardy Boys 15: The Sinister Signpost

===About the Book=== Racing cars! Mystery! Adventure! These elements conbine to give Frank and Joe Hardy one of the most dangerous and intriguing cases of their careers. It all starts when their father, Fenton Hardy, is engaged by an experimental race car and motor designer to investigate a series of mysterious accidents. Three of his drivers have crashed because the windshields of their cars were suddenly crazed, thus cutting off forward vision. Frank and Joe uncover one slim clue. Each of the drivers had seen a signpost marked DANGER shortly before his accident. The young detectives investigate, only to discover that the signposts have vanished. What happened to them? And what sinister plot did they serve?
Box shot of Hardy Boys 15: The Sinister Signpost [North America]
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