: : : Forbidden Knowledge: The Gap Into Vision

Forbidden Knowledge: The Gap Into Vision

===About the Book=== ''The Real Story'' was just a preview to this action-packed tome... The Gap series steps on the accelerator with ''Forbidden Knowledge''. Beautiful cop Morn Hyland, desperate and in pain aboard ''Captain's Fancy'', controls her body and mind with her illegal zone implant, recreating herself as a superbeing worthy of holding Captain Nick Succorso's affections. Jealousy among the crew, threats of rape and ship self-destruction, prisoner torture, and government cyborg programs keep things moving along. Alien Amnioni seeking genetic domination over humankind enter the scene with new technologies such as mutagens and force-growing fetuses. Bite your fingernails while you live it all (vicariously!) through brilliant survivor Morn and villain-turned-conspirator Angus Thermopyle.
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