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About the Book

A boy...
A dragon..

A world full of adventure.

The life of a young farmer's boy Eragon is turned up side down when he finds a mysterious blue stone in the woods. When the stone reveals its secret, Eragon witnesses the hatching of a dragon. A bond rapidly develops between the two, but the discovery has not gone unnoticed...

Path of a young dragonrider is paved with loss and hardship and enemies are quickly made.
Toeriyn and 132 others own Eragon
twinArmageddons and 87 others read Eragon
Got so far but then the ds ran out of battery and I hadn't saved. Eragon
Not exited like MHFU, but still amazing with me!How about U? Eragon
I like Paolini's series, therefore I must like starwars. Probably should watch them. Eragon
Fun game the first few times through. Eragon
This book is so much better than the movie Eragon
Yes, yes. Characters: Good. Acting: Good. 'CG`: Really quite good. Overall stuff: "B.`` Eragon
Good book if u ever need 2 read XD Eragon PC
It was o.k. but I didn't like how he kept using big words like haunch sorta................. Eragon
i've had it for two years still haven't finished it Eragon
Much, much, much better than the movie! Eragon
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